Something Obscene Company:
J-Cape Flipper By Tom Berlin

Slightly obscene. This does not mean a knife or an advertising campaign with plenty of naked skin, but a new company on the American knife market flirts with this term. The Something Obscene Company is from Oklahoma, USA and is the project of Felix Landon Archibeque. The knife maker operates the "somewhat obscene company" single-handedly and has next to a number of fixed blades for some time, Folder at the start. Already the company name arouses interest and Knife blog goes to the question of whether the J-Cape 2.0 Flipper is not only beautiful obscene, but also beautiful practical ...

"Nomen est omen." The Latin proverb translates freely to "the name is program". An ironic undertone always resonates with this saying and even Knife maker Felix Archibeque goes to work with a good dose of self-irony. "The name was born in 2011, when I was still mainly as a photographer," explains Felix. "I just wanted a name that stood out from the crowd, cool and brings something 'badass feeling'. When I started making knives for the American market, there was never any doubt that I would continue the name. "

A good two years have passed since we started our professional development and production of knives. The 30-year-old Felix Archibeque has sold more than 700 knives so far in the USA. A real newcomer, then. He has since given up his job as a high-voltage Transmission Lineman. The hobby of making fixed blades for yourself and a few friends gave rise to vocation and became a profession. Instead of climbing up electricity pylons, making what you burn and live from, this is the American dream for Felix Archibeque.

The classic scenario. Almost all the greats of the knife scene followed their passion and came to make knives as newcomers. However, there is no such thing as an automatism or a subscriber to success. Not every "garage business" creates companies like Microsoft, Apple, Strider Knives or Spartan Blades. The path of young knife makers also follows a classic curve. Almost always it starts with fixed blades, then follow the first drawings for folder and the best are many years’ later handmade folding knives of the extra class.

The knife in today's review is a design by Felix Archibeque and is produced by WE Knife. The Chinese company has enriched the international market with knives with first-class milling technology, good finish and highly unusual designs in the last two years.

J-Cape 2.0 Folder of the Something Obscene Company with Stonewash Blade and "murdered out"

The Framelock Folder J-Cape 2.0 is designed as a pinball machine and comes with all the ingredients you would expect from a high-quality knife. The blade of S35VN runs in a ceramic bearing between handles made of 6AL-4V titanium. A steel insert in the lock arm establishes contact with the blade root and locks the blade backlash-free. An overstretch protection ("Over travel stop") is also integrated in the steel insert. The detent ball is at the front and far below the lock arm.

This variant is often chosen for pinball, because the opening blade almost falls from the detent into the lock. Only millimeters before the blade reaches its final position when opening, the detent ball no longer presses against the blade root. "Klack!" One hundredth of a second later, the Lock Arm slips behind the blade root with a second, much louder "clack". Knife blog, two J-Cape folders are available for review. In both the lock is very early with about 20 to 25 percent coverage, but reliably locks the blade. With none of the knives can the blade be pushed out of the lock or released by a blow on the back of the blade.

S35VN Crucible Steel
C Cr V Mo Nb Mn
1,40 % 14,0 % 3,0 % 2.0 % 0,5 % 0 %

The J-Cape 2.0 Flipper is a voluminous folder with a high blade and a handle that fills a man's fist well. The blade shape is a feast for the eyes! From the handle approach, the thumb rest rises in a slight arc to a paragraph. From there, the back of the blade runs straight to the top, this part is provided with a wide Swedge. Underneath the raised ridge line, which runs parallel to the cutting edge, there is a pronounced hollow grinding. The groove of the hollow grinding becomes visible in the front part of the blade. This section has a flat section, which makes the blade tip more resistant and enhances the Optk with a facet.

When it comes to blade design, the J-cape pinball machine is anything but obscene. Swedge and hollow grinding take a lot of weight out of the blade without sacrificing stability. The arcuate thumb rest with the highly contoured jimping proves to be comfortable and allows a lot of pressure on the cutting edge. The pronounced hollow grinding makes the J-cape a cutting devil, usually no great discipline for folders with high blade geometry. The blade surfaces of the brushed version are brushed in the vertical direction at Hollow, Swedge and near the blade tip, the rest of the blade is brushed in a horizontal direction, creating a charming two-tone finish.

The cutting edge of the J-Cape Folder is completely side-symmetrical and very sharp (9.5 / 10). Also the
blade tip is perfect; Angles and facets are identical on both sides. With the approach of the cutting edge behind the voluminous Scheifkerbe the Grinder but clearly fought. There is - identically with both knives - not only a slight paragraph to recognize, the last centimeter of the cutting edge is also not perfect on the line of the cutting edge. This results in a minimal recurve. Obviously, the grinder did not want to deviate from the vertical grinding direction, but could not hold the line, because the approach of the hollow grinding coming from above was in the way. Sounds complicated, is a fineness and in practice not a broken leg. Visually, it disturbs the otherwise dreamlike lines of the blade and practically the knife owner will have to struggle with this peculiarity when regrinding.

The logo of the "Something Obscene Company" is a clenched fist with the symbol of high tension on the middle finger, with which Felix Archibeque builds the bridge to his former profession. The logo is lasered on both sides of the blade, in addition to the right side steel grade ("CPM-S35VN") as well as serial number and edition ("XXX / 100") are indicated.

Something Obscene Company J-Cape 2.0
Knife type Folder
Manufacturer Something Obscene Company
Model J-Cape 2.0
Blade length / cutting edge 84 mm / 95 mm
Blade thickness 4.046 mm
Blade Shape Drop Point
Blade height 36 mm
Blade steel CPM S35VN
Total length 203 mm
Handle material titanium
Weight 165 grams

The handle is made of two approximately four millimeters thick titanium plates (0.160 ", 4.064 mm). Both are connected by a voluminous spacer and the axle bolt. The titanium surfaces are unadorned, smooth and anthracite anodized. The spacer is color-matched and consists of a solid piece of titanium, on the outside of which the corrugation of the jimpling is repeated. The spacer surrounds the blade tip and is connected by two screws with each handle shell. This structure creates a very stable frame. The J-cape by Felix Archibeque leaves no doubt that it is well prepared for the tough EDC everyday life.

The name "J-Cape" is unusual and I ask Felix Archibeque. "Josh Cape was my work colleague, Brother, friend and we shared the passion for good knives. He died at the age of 39, leaving a big gap. It was almost inevitable to name a knife after him, which he would have liked, "Felix informs me by messenger.

The hand position of the "somewhat obscure" J-cape flipper is not only good, it is outstanding. The handle is long enough and high enough to fill a medium-sized male fist. The contour of the lower grip edge provides each finger with sufficient space and good grip. While the index finger lies in a generously sized finger recess, the thumb rests in a relaxed posture on the jimpling of the blade back. The knife can be wedged in the hand without effort and allows both fatigue-free working as well as high control over the cutting guide.
Striking is the pocket clip. It is made of the same anodized titanium as the handle scales and symbolizes in its shape the warning sign for high voltage.

As always with a pinball machine, the main focus of the J-Cape 2.0 is on the blade path. In addition to high manufacturing precision, the ceramic bearing is the key to why the voluminous blade slides smoothly into the final position. The detent is rather on the tight side and wants a crisp impulse. The force required to open is surprisingly low for a knife of this size.

So far, three versions of J-Cape 2.0 have been released. In addition to the "all-black" version, which Felix calls "murdered out", the knife is also available with the satined blade shown in the review. The knives of the first, in between sold out, runs possessed a blade with stonewash finish and bronze anodized clips and spacers. A small special series of 25 pieces of the J-Cape Folder are equipped with blades from Chad Nichols Damascus and equipped with clips and spacers from Timascus. Whether one of these knives will make it to Europe is still unclear.

Of course I ask Felix Archibeque my favorite question, which regularly drives knife makers to the brink of madness: "What were your thoughts on the design of this knife, what is the idea behind it?" I would like to know. After a short period of reflection comes a surprisingly detailed and very open answer.

"Oh man, the idea behind the knife? Basically, I just wanted a unique "badass" knife. Not fancy, not conspicuous, no embellishments - just a solid knife that looks good on something. A knife a hard-working man could be proud of. "After a short pause, the knife maker from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, adds:" The pocket clip was important to me. The design in the form of a lightning bolt is the link to my life as a high voltage Transmission Lineman. If you carry a crass folder in your pocket, nobody can see it. Only the clip is visible. That's why I pay him so much attention. I spent almost a year on the drawing board until I was satisfied with the design of the J-Cape Folder in all its details. It's really hard to develop an independent form and stand out from the millions of other knives. "

Manufacturer WE Knife has realized the J-cape in very good quality. The faceting of the blade is almost perfect, the surface treatment of blade and handle scales as well. WE Knife has been noticed by Knife-Blog several times with a lack of precision in blade grinding. Also the J-cape flipper is no exception on this point. The grinding near the Ricasso WE Knife has failed because the machines do not fit the blade shape and you can obviously compensate for this by craft. The practical suitability of the J-Cape Folder is not limited thereby, it is primarily a visual deficiency. Granted, I'm just jamming at a high level but it definitely works better.

With a price of 249.95 euros, the obscene Framelock pinball machine is a fair offer. Some knife fans have already become aware of the newcomer and general importer "" has every effort to get enough supplies across the pond.

Felix, on the other hand, is already thinking about the future. Crafting high-end folders in the footsteps of Mentor Darrel Ralph is his long-term goal.

The effort to develop an independent design and an own, clear handwriting, was worthwhile. Felix Archibeque has succeeded in a remarkable folder. With flipper characteristics, fun factor and solidity, the knife of the "Something Obscene Company" can score above average ratings. The blade grinding forces a devaluation. There is no doubt about the practicality of the J-Cape Folder.
Mission accomplished, stay obscene, Felix!